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LSX Inv€$tival Showcase: What to expect

6 Nov 2023

Compass Executives are one of the sponsors of the LSX Inv€$tival Showcase in London on 13th November. Members of the Compass Executives Life Sciences Practice share their thoughts about this important event.

The report’s transcript involves the following consultants within the Compass Executives Life Sciences Practice where they discuss notable key industry trends, the LSX Inv€$tival Showcase and how Compass Executives can support investors.



The consultants discussed the following questions. You can read their full responses and conclusions to the discussions within the report.

  • Can you tell us more about this event. Why the curious name?
  • How will Compass Executives be involved?
  • What are the trends and issues that will be on the minds of the attendees?
  • Are some therapeutic areas more attractive to investors? Where are you seeing most activity?
  • How do businesses best make themselves attractive to investors?
  • How do Compass Executives help?

To read the full report and the responses to each question from the Compass Executives Life Sciences team, download the full transcript here: LSX Showcase

download here

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