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Talent Acquisition: An Opportunity for Impactful CHROs and People Leaders

3 Mar 2023

Compass Executives discusses thoughts and suggestions on talent acquisition and how this is an opportunity for impactful CHROs and People Leaders. This is based on our consultants knowledge, expertise and experiences within the talent aquistion markets. 

Talent strategy has shifted in order to meet the changing recruitment landscape and talent priorities, however, it remains key to be in alignment with the business strategy to remain competitive and drive operational improvements. We must move away from solving hiring challenges with blunt tools.

Talent Acquisition experience is critical for Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and people leaders in high growth companies, which often lack talent acquisition infrastructure to scale the business. CHROs should identify the opportunities, value creators and processes that will drive impact for the short and long term.

What resources and skills do CHROs and senior talent professionals need to have in place to develop and build capacity into every level of operational recruitment strategy and drive business outcomes?


A solid understanding of the material topic of recruitment and talent acquisition in order to exercise meaningful influence and shift talent practices, outdated models and prescriptive thinking to create future-ready businesses.


Key enablers are excellent technical and data analytical skills. The CHRO needs to understand the foundational data points across recruitment and retention. The ability to measure to truly benchmark and measure impact. This understanding of the data aids decision making and helps the operating board, business and investment partners understand what is needed. This cascades to teams. CHROs must ensure teams are well supported and trained in analysing data and leveraging talent analytics tools, to understand the wins and fails, and to provide hiring managers with compelling insights.


Is your internal team optimised and where do you need to build on internal capabilities? Does it score 10/10 for execution and creative thinking? What difference would it make to your business to unlock the talent it needs for the future if it did? Talent acquisition roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined in the business and integrated into the business strategy (and investment processes pre and post-investment stage).

Well-trained recruitment and resourcing teams must be able to discuss at a high quality level the roles and opportunities with potential future talent, ready for today’s and tomorrow’s roles. These teams also play a critical role in both sharing and demonstrating your business’ cultures and values. Are they ready to disrupt bias and remove from your processes to ensure businesses can attract from outside of the usual talent pipeline?

We must also ensure structural barriers that exist that make recruitment processes inaccessible for underrepresented talent are removed. Inclusion and accessibility should be a driver for any businesses talent acquisition agenda. Levelling the playing field should be a call of action that sits at the top all hiring plans – unfair challenges present themselves at all stages of a recruitment process. Are teams aware that around 40% of candidates need adjustments or support in a process, with many not requesting it as they feel this could lead to discrimination?


Successful CHROs are also well skilled in determining the right level of outside service needed to deliver on talent strategies. They look to partner with expert external recruitment advisors for key/specialist/leadership or difficult to fill roles.

Businesses that develop relationships with leading external recruitment firms significantly outperform their peers – the model allows these businesses access to the expertise held within networks and additional resources dedicated to key appointments that can integrate at different parts of the business strategy and investment process. External advisors play a key role in exercising meaningful influence and information on compensation, diversity and hiring activity in the market.

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