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The first 60 days – returning to the health & social care sector

29 Feb 2024

Compass Executives Senior Consultant, Dan Kiely, recently sat down to discuss his key observations within his first 60 days of returning to the Health and Social Care sector. 

Dan joined Compass Executives in early 2024 and holds an impressive track record across executive search within the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector.

In this report, Dan discusses the key observations in further detail which are summarised below:

  • There is much cautious optimism due to the unique year for democracy with anticipation for forthcoming elections around the World, especially in the UK, and what changes this might lead to for the Health & Social Care sector.
  • Due to high NHS waiting lists, the increase seen in demand for investors and private healthcare firms.
  • Around 60% of Compass Executives’ hires last year came from outside of the health and social care sector.

To read the full report from Dan, download the report here: The First 60 Days

download here

Find out more about Dan here.

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