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People and culture in PE & no one size fits all solution to hiring – Director, Abi Bada meets Real Deals in latest Q&A

13 Sep 2022

Director of Corporate Services, People & Cultural Practice, Abigail Bada recently sat down with Real Deals to discuss changes within the internal recruitment process and how there is no longer a one size fits all process.

The following questions were discussed between Real Deals and Abigail on recruiting senior talent in a recessionary environment, improving retention and a shift in candidate-driven demands and how this can impact PE firms.

  • The current market like for recruitment into PE firms? Are certain roles tougher to recruit for than others?
  • What are some best practices during the interview process to secure a better calibre of candidates? Do tech and turnaround times play a role here?
  • How do businesses adapt their hiring practices to accommodate candidate-driven demands? Do these demands play a significant role in talent retention?
  • With the current war on talent, how much harder is talent retention for GPs? What more can they be doing to improve their retention rates?
  • Company culture plays a big role in attracting prospective hires and keeping staff. How important is it for a GP to be authentic in promoting their company culture?

To read the full article here and Abigail’s responses to each question, download the full transcript here: Real Deals Q&A.

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