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Investment Market Trends & Expectations 2024 and the potential impact on the Life Sciences sector

19 Mar 2024

Following a subdued 18 months leaving global private equity sitting on a record £2.59 trillion of “dry powder”, with increasing pressure for it to be deployed in 2024, Compass Executives sat down with Non-Executive Advisor, Geoff Dobson, to reflect upon trends and expectations in the capital markets, and how this may impact on life sciences and healthcare in the year ahead.


Geoff discussed the following discussions in detail. You can read his full responses and conclusions to the discussions within the report.

  • You have attended several conferences and taken part in several discussion panels with investors and industry leaders in recent months. Is it fair to say there are mixed signals about prospects for the year ahead?
  • What is the evidence for an upturn?
  • What deals can we expect to see?
  • Are there any other expected big patterns in investor behaviour?
  • Can we predict any “hot” investment areas in terms of science?
  • Is there a “third track” of any note, a third source of substantial investment where big pharma can form partnerships with biotech, or bigger medical device companies can partner with development-stage medical device, medical technology, and health tech companies?

To read the full report and the responses to each key discussion from Geoff, download the full transcript here: Compass Executives – Investment Market 2024

download here

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