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Sam Leighton-Smith meets Real Deals to discuss current healthcare investment landscape

3 May 2023

Director Sam Leighton-Smith recently sat down with Real Deals to discuss the current healthcare investment landscapes and how specialist recruiters, like Compass Executives, can add real value for investor partners. 

The following questions were discussed between Real Deals and Sam with how Compass Executives are experts within the healthcare markets and the trends that are currently being seen within the healthcare investment landscapes. His answers are also designed to help advise those looking at investing, the importance of specialist recruiters and D&I, and how they can successfully contribute towards these subjects.

  • How has Covid-19 changed the healthcare sector?
  • How important a trend is the rise of telemedicine?
  • What do you see as the best current investment opportunities in healthcare at the moment?
  • Who do you think are the most interesting investors in healthcare?
  • What do you think have been some of the most successful healthcare investments of recent years?
  • Why is board composition important to the success of healthcare investments?
  • What recruitment advice do you have for healthcare investors?
  • Why should private equity firms use a specialist healthcare recruiter like Compass Executives?
  • What are you doing to promote diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process?

To read the full article here and Sam’s responses to each question, download the full transcript here: Real Deals Q&A.

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