The 2023 NIC Fall Conference

Sheraton Grand Chicago
23 Oct 2023

Compass Executives are delighted to announce that Director Sam Leighton-Smith will be attending the 2023 NIC Fall Conference.

The 2023 NIC Fall Conference offers sector leaders an unmatched opportunity to form key relationships and acquire actionable insights to identify opportunities and accelerate changes that will define aging well in residential settings. ‘The NIC’ conference is essential for accelerating business and change for the industry.

For decades, data, connections, and insights from ‘The NIC’ have fueled investors, owners, and operators to adopt new strategies or adapt existing practices to changing times.

The 2023 NIC Fall Conference speakers will share the latest information on the state of the industry, the economy, and capital market trends, as well as evidence-based solutions and concrete strategies that attendees can leverage for success.

This year’s program offers ten not-to-be-missed sessions—designed to inform, inspire and provide actionable insights that will help drive your business success in the years to come.

Sessions will cover:

  • Creative Capital Relationships
  • Inclusive Workforce Practices
  • Economic and Policy Influences
  • Management Companies’ Evolution
  • A Deep Dive into The Debt Markets
  • The Next Generation Consumer
  • The Current Skilled Nursing Environment
  • Capital Markets and Valuations
  • Advances in Alzheimer’s Research

Further Information

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