Private Equity in Healthcare | HealthInvestor | 2019

St Paul's, London
18 Jun 2019
09:00 - 17:00

Compass Executives are delighted to be attending HealthInvestor’s Private Equity in Healthcare 2019: Market Movers,
“investing for growth in the health and social care market” event, with Sam Leighton-Smith, Luke Osborne, Ben Westcott and Kieran Mouser attending from Compass Executives.

HealthInvestor UK’s popular mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and private equity (PE) investor event returns to London on Tuesday 18 June 2019 with a broader scope and has evolved into a full-day event.

The UK’s healthcare sector continues to face serious challenges. Despite the latest Budget pledge of an additional £1.6 billion for 2018-19, much of the NHS is buckling under growing demand pressure while the social care system faces rising costs and significant staffing shortages.

With demand for quality assets at arguably the highest level in a decade, there are opportunities to create value through consolidation, innovation, and also by tackling the cost pressures faced across the system.

In a competitive market, however, the role of private equity is evolving as the investment landscape continues to shift. To recognise this, on 18 June, HealthInvestor UK examines the role of private equity in the UK’s health and social care sector, and analyses the key trends and challenges facing investors and operators.

The event will feature leading figures from the UK private equity community who are currently investing in health and social care, and market experts will analyse the opportunities and challenges facing private equity professionals in this complex and challenging market.

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