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Compass Recruitment Solutions (CRS) launched in major rebrand

11 Jan 2022

Award-winning recruitment executive search offering Compass Recruitment Solutions (CRS) has been launched as part of a major rebrand at the business.

Formerly “Compass Holding Group”, CRS has been launched to reflect the latest transformational step in the development of the brand.

Operating for more than a decade, the Compass brands have become synonymous with outstanding delivery into the independent and private equity backed health, care, education and life sciences sectors.

 The collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the brands is a critical component to the success of the business, ensuring full market coverage and access to emerging industry leaders which has generated unmatched levels of success amongst competitors.

Commenting on the newly branded launch of CRS, Group Managing Director, Sam Leighton-Smith said:

“I am delighted to announce the launch of Compass Recruitment Solutions, a dedicated offering linking all our client brands – Compass ExecutivesCompass Life SciencesCompass Corporate Services and Compass Associates.

As we take the next transformational step in our development, CRS’s success will enable us to continue with our international expansion, scale through acquisition and drive organic growth.

CRS provides workforce solutions to our client partners via our own talented people. The DNA of CRS’s offering centres on a people focus that is now reflected in this re-brand. I look forward to working with all of my colleagues as we embark on the next stage of our journey.”

Further information about Compass Recruitment Solutions (CRS)

Launched in 2022, the rebrand to Compass Recruitment Solutions marks the next stage in Compass’ transformation. CRS has been serving clients for more than a decade with market, hiring and people strategy insights across the independent health, care, and education industries.

In 2020, the Compass Life Sciences brand was re-introduced as a standalone service, providing contingent and executive level recruitment provisions to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors.

CRS, and our four dedicated brands, are the chosen recruitment provider for many of the UK independent health, care, education and life sciences businesses. We work globally with providers, investors and advisors on all aspects of talent acquisition.

Through our detailed and extensive knowledge of the talented leaders of the markets we serve, we help our clients realise the potential of their organisations, make informed strategic decisions with the appropriate leadership teams in place, to ultimately deliver better outcomes and provision of care through the reassurance of a first-class senior leadership team driving businesses forward.

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