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Compass Executives becomes a strategic partner to EHCPEA

15 Jun 2021

Compass Executives are delighted to announce that we are a strategic partner to the European Healthcare Private Equity Association (EHCPEA).

EHCPEA is the largest association of private capital partners and aims to promote a better understanding of private equity’s contribution to the healthcare economy. The association provides networking and training opportunities to its members, as well as delivering sector-focussed market data and analysis.

EHCPEA’s aim is to promote a better understanding of healthcare private equity. This enables its members to invest capital and expertise into building great healthcare businesses, and generating returns for investors.

Members take a long-term approach to investing in privately-held companies, injecting not only capital but dynamism, innovation and expertise. This commitment helps create healthy and sustainable companies, securing millions of jobs and delivering strong returns for leading pension funds and insurers whose members depend on them for their retirements.

Compass Executives demonstrate a market-leading track record in the private equity backed UK healthcare space. Both in terms of seniority of C-suite appointments, variation of investor profiles, and volume of transactions across the multi-faceted sub-sectors of the industry. These credentials make the team well-placed to offer granular insight to prospective and current investors in the sector. The team have a substantive track record across funding cycles where our introductions have yielded significant value add on exit for our investment partners.

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