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The Evolving Role of the Chief People Officer

12 Oct 2023

Compass Executives recently hosted a roundtable with industry leaders and experts about the ever-evolving role of the Chief People Officer due to the changing commercial landscapes and the challenges this brings. 

About The Evolving Role of the Chief People Officer Roundtable

The role of the CPO in a changing commercial landscape and challenging talent dynamics has become broader and more business critical, with the need to deftly navigate complex commercial considerations and answer to a broader set of stakeholders. This roundtable, hosted by Compass Executives, took the opportunity to discuss the role in shaping the workplaces around us and how to be a catalyst for change beyond the everyday demands of operational realities and short-term circumstantial issues.


The following questions were discussed during this roundtable session.

  • What is front of mind for you as CPO and how have your strategic priorities shifted?
  • How are you rising to the challenge and bringing these priorities together to drive profitability and commercial performance?
  • When developing your employee experience strategy how have you sought to define, embed and measure it?
  • How are you developing strategies to improve the capacity to have and hold onto the critical skills necessary to meet your business’ needs?
  • What opportunities do you see to leverage digital innovation, people technology and potentially AI to enhance HR’s ways of working and its partnership with the business?
  • How are you applying the digital lens to problem solve, improve and address employee experience and workforce considerations?
  • Are you finding, in common with the role of the CPO, and the concept of ‘business leader first’, that the role of your peers is transitioning to a wider organisational business leader role, one that, brings value beyond an area of functional specialism?


The following attendees were present at this event.

  • Henry Elphick – Non-Executive Chair at Compass Recruitment Solutions (CRS)
  • Sam Leighton-Smith – Group Managing Director at Compass Recruitment Solutions (CRS)
  • Genevieve Glover – CPO at Barchester Healthcare
  • Sharon Benson – HRD and OD at Lloyds Homecare
  • Liz Jewitt-Cross – Future HR CPO
  • Jane Smith – People Director at The Kisimul Group
  • Jayne Stutt – CPO at the Priory Group
  • James Dickens – CPO at The Skn Group
  • Judith Lyons – Group HRD at City and County
  • Steve Carpenter – former People & Culture Director of Krispy Kreme and Hotel Chocolat

To obtain a copy of the full report and the responses to each question, sign up to download a copy here: CPO Report.

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