MD / CEO designate


In September 2021, Compass Executives were mandated by Purple – a for-profit subsidiary company of CareTech Holdings PLC – to source a new MD / CEO designate for the business, owing to an internal move from the Founder and CEO into a role at CareTech.

Purple is one of the most recognised names, influential actors, and active voices for disability rights in the UK. They believe that bringing together disabled people and business together will change the conversation from one of disadvantage and inequality, to one about potential and value.

Compass Executives ran an accelerated process owing to an eight-week timescale requirement given the pending internal changes, to be pro-active in approaches alongside a market-mapping service of prospective in and out of sector leaders. The successful candidate would need to be able to drive commercial success at Purple, support tendering and ‘services as a solution’ activities, and act as an ambassador both domestically and increasingly internationally for disability services.

A three-stage process was completed which included a meeting with the Board at CareTech – alongside soft referencing throughout the various stages – resulting in a first time hire for Purple.




Subsidiary of CareTech Holdings PLC


MD / CEO designate

Sector Specialism

Disability Business Advocacy

Year Founded



£0 - 25m


Finding good staff is like finding gold dust. When it is for a new MD for a company I created and run for 7 years then it requires star dust. And Abigail delivered. The process was crystal clear. I, with guidance from her, wrote the role brochure. It reflected the right tone and the type of candidates needed. It felt like Abigail became me and intuitively knew exactly the person we needed. And was spot on. I really appreciated the personal touch. The screening of initial candidates. The setting up of first one to call virtual calls. And then agreeing the individuals to go forward to interview. This was professionalism at its best. A proper recruitment solution. Jointly done but always driven by the bespoke needs of the business. A different experience to previous ones by a country mile. I would recommend Compass Executives and Abigail with no hesitation.