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Award winning Compass Executives are one of the most active executive search firms in the industry. Our Private Sector Practice are responsible for supporting leading Private Equity backed, Privately Owned, Large Corporates and Advisory Services organisations that span the full breadth of the health, social care and specialist education space.

According to Laing Buisson’s July 2018 Healthcare Markets Review created in conjunction with the ONS, the Private Sector now accounts for 47.2% of the value of the £191.7bn UK healthcare industry spend – £90.4bn – and plays a significant role in virtually every aspect of health, social care and specialist education.

This share is expected to grow in the coming years. This provides Compass Executives with a unique viewpoint to really drill down on the detail of what is actually happening within the sector and is vital when sourcing the most appropriate talent for our clients.

Private sub-sectors we cover and their market worth:

The role of Private Equity

Figures released in January 2015 suggest that Private Equity backed organisations within the health, social and specialist education markets amounts to 5.6% of the UK industry. Translated into the Private Sector, 17.2%. This multi-billion pound market is increasing with investors seeing opportunities in public sector spending niches (in particular Mental Health and Learning Disability sectors) where they can rejuvenate stale and neglected services and add value to both service users and their own organisations over a planned period of time.

In order for Equity houses to make their multiples then quality is paramount, it can be argued more so than traditional services as their motives are weighted towards financial gain. This model, in a highly regulated industry with public media profiles ensures that their activities, governance and principles are aligned with public interest.

Not every company is suitable for Private Equity investment. Forecasts do expect their market share to increase steadily in the future. At Compass Executives we work with many leading Equity houses and are well versed in what talent is attractive and the attributes required to work in this growth orientated environment.

If you are a candidate with the ambition to work in Private Equity then please contact Sam Leighton-Smith for more information.

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