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Compass Executives are working exclusively to help source a number of Trustees for a new and ambitious charity – the Transforming Autism Project, determined to transform perceptions of autism and to make it possible for those with the condition to live to their true and impressive potential. In this particular instance, a Chair of the Board of Trustees is being recruited on a volunteer basis.

About the organisation

The initial focus is on early intervention and an awareness campaign to alert people to the Charity’s importance.  This will lead to the opening of a specialised early intervention clinic in 2019 or 2020, and to establish a comprehensive online portal to offer guidance, support and community to anyone looking after an autistic child.

About the role

A board of highly capable Trustees with relevant expertise, charity experience and comprehensive networks, along with natural passion and commitment, led by a confident and committed Chair, could make a huge difference to how successful the Charity are.


To apply

To apply, or for further information, please contact Luke Osborne on 0207 8876 115 or email

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The Transforming Autism Project in partnership with Compass Executives