HealthInvestor | Chicago Conference | 2019

Compass Executives are attending the annual HealthInvestor Chicago Conference, with Director, Sam Leighton-Smith returning having been a keynote speaker in 2018.

With the growing appetite for investors keen to enter the UK independent health and social care sector, HealthInvestor is delighted to host our second conference in Chicago on Wednesday, May 1 2019.

Recent coverage in the British financial press revealed record activity in the UK M&A market in Q1 2018 – especially by US acquirers – reporting that it has reached its highest since the record first-quarter of 11 years ago.

However, some UK targets are feeling vulnerable in light of Brexit and are therefore more open to potential M&A with bigger, stronger American acquirers; US buyers are likely to get a warmer welcome from UK targets whose post-Brexit trade strategies need to be less EU-centric.

The HealthInvestor Chicago Conference 2019 is the only conference:

The HealthInvestor Chicago Conference 2019 will discuss how macroeconomic and political developments will impact opportunities for US health investors, as well as the hazards and regulations of the UK health and social care market.

Attendees will also hear from those who’ve successfully invested in the UK.

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