Reassuring our clients


Forming partnerships with our candidates at an early stage ensures our client’s investments are not only for the present but for the future as well. Our track record of sourcing the right personnel in terms of skill, ability and relevance is vital to our clients investment as they look to grow, change or realise their ambitions. Operating across all functional areas  with particular focus on Chair, CEO, CFO, NXD and Board Director appointments, we work collaboratively with our clients, advising and individualising the process to ensure a tailored approach is adopted in every circumstance.

In June 2017 we were awarded the prestigious accolade of “Recruiter of the Year” at the HealthInvestor Awards 2017, which recognises excellence in the health and social care sectors. This Award was judged by an independent panel of experts who deemed our services to be “outstanding”, recognising our niche expertise of working solely in the health and social care space.


Headhunting / Search

When confidentiality is vital we use our powerful network across the UK in addition to our high spec up to date database to identify and approach potential candidates discreetly. The key to a successful appointment is understanding the client’s needs in detail and the expectations, team dynamics and company culture. We invest time with our clients to ensure that we are clear on the current and future requirements prior to sourcing. We will interview all candidates and compile detailed notes in tandem with psychometric testing to produce a first class shortlist of talented candidates.


Advertised Selection

When candidates are in short supply or clients would like to diversify their approach then Compass Executives will put together a tailored media campaign to maximise reach. Our adverts are easily recognisable, regularly seen in publications such as The Sunday Times, The Guardian and various healthcare publications including the Nursing Times.

To be sure that your position is seen by the widest possible and relevant audience we will advise you on the best print and/or digital mediums to reach this talent.

Advertised Selection, coupled with search through both our database and network produces excellent results every time.


Non-Executive Directors

Value add is often at its greatest when appointing Non-Executive Directors. You will struggle to find a better example of recruitment as an investment. Whilst the focus is often on corporate governance/ operational issues this is really a critical commercial decision. NED’s add commercial wisdom independent from day to day operations and concerns.

Finding the right Non-Executive Director is a mixture of art and science. Compass Executives maintains a comprehensive database of Non-Executive Directors available across the UK. They range from current and former CEO’s, Chairs and entrepreneurs with commercial pedigree.

Many of these business leaders have succeeded in realising major capital gain in Private Equity environments or have been with major business successes, thus they are in great demand across the industry for their knowhow and results.



A bad or questionable appointment of a candidate whose background reveals significant shortcomings can seriously damage the reputation of an organisation. As part of our process, we provide a dedicated reference service that is designed to complement and add value to our core search. Every major appointment candidate is the subject of a reference check that includes:

  • Speaking formally to named referees
  • Speaking informally to unnamed referees and business contacts that we have identified using our extensive internal database and high end network
  • The reference is summarised and included in the synopsis that clients receive for each candidate. It provides an additional insight into the candidate’s management style and capability that is not always possible to uncover at interview. It also sheds a beneficial light on candidates’ personal attributes, acumen and character

Deal Origination

Utilising our database and our sister company’s contacts we are often brought in by clients to assist with their potential acquisitions. Compass Associates is the largest provider of staff to the independent sector and work with the largest cross section of clients, all data, financial and personnel is stored on our database. This valuable insight into the workings and ambitions of SMEs , family-owned and privately-backed businesses often results in us advising, in particular PE Houses those that could be potentially good acquisitions that would add real value. For more information then please contact Sam Leighton-Smith.