Candidates standing out


Your next step

The relentless pace at which the health and social care landscapes are changing is often hard to keep up with. At Compass Executives we are always in touch with developments and are on hand to advise the most appropriate way to progress your career.

We have a network of UK office links to meet with candidates and take time to understand your specific drivers, aspirations and personality traits.

If you are a senior executive with a record of achievement in your industry, please register with us to confidentially discuss current opportunities.

Managing expectations

Not all candidates are relevant for all job roles. At Compass Executives we endeavour to communicate with you at all times and keep in touch as much as we can to notify you of upcoming vacancies that match your skill set.

With varying cultures and expectations  differing from company to company we appreciate that this fluid market places us in a position where all communicated information needs to be current and up to date. Our partnership approach is traditional and tested. We will always be honest and transparent with you in order to sustain a long term relationship both before you obtain your next position and beyond.


Our clients understand the need for absolute and total confidentiality, which affects their vital interests as much as it does those of candidates. At Compass Executives we understand this and the potential delicacies involved. We guarantee all candidates that discussions will remain confidential at all times.