Our value linking talent and the right organisation

Lasting Value


Board-Advisory Services

We are often brought in by Clients to provide strategic consultation in relation to board restructuring, new service set up or salary bench-marking. We use psychometric tests and in-depth interviews with team members to identify strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities to develop people and gaps where new talent is required.

We also hold up-to-date data around remuneration analytics, where companies are looking to incentivise, retain staff or professionalise their operations. This is also useful in an executive capacity especially for NewCos.

Each consultancy project is a bespoke service tailored to the client’s specific needs and timescales to which they will look to implement change. To find out more, please contact Luke Osborne.


Talent Spotting

In addition to targeted searches, we provide a ‘talent spotting service’. Utilising our industry knowledge, our network of contacts and database we are able to introduce like minded talented individuals. This is typical for PE Houses and VC’s who may well be looking to invest in a NewCo, have new funds or are in acquisition mode and require a certain type of person to facilitate this.

This type of facility can also, and often apply to established clients looking for mid-level managerial positions as a follow up or in conjunction with successful retained executive assignments.

Compass Executives has a unique advantage over its competitors as we have access to the data and personnel of tomorrow’s leaders. Our sister company Compass Associates is the UK leader in providing permanent staff to the independent sector. Working across all specialisms from ground floor through to senior managers with contacts ranging from regional operators through to executives we are well placed to ensure that we can reach existing and next generation talent in addition to traditional search methodology.


Advertised Selection

When candidates are in short supply or clients would like to diversify their approach then Compass Executives will put together a tailored media campaign to maximise reach.

Our adverts are easily recognisable, regularly seen in publications such as The Sunday Times, The Guardian and various healthcare publications where we have established, market-leading affiliate relationships, including HealthInvestor and LaingBuisson.

To be sure that your position is seen by the widest possible and relevant audience we will advise you on the best print or digital mediums to reach this talent, as well as collaborate with you based on specific requirements you might have.

Advertised Selection, coupled with search through both our database and network produces excellent results every time.


Deal Origination

Utilising our database and our sister company, Compass Associates’, contacts, we are often brought in by Clients to assist with their potential acquisitions.

Compass Associates is the largest provider of staff to the Private Sector, and work with the largest cross-section of Clients, all data; financial; and personnel, is stored on our GDPR compliant database. This valuable insight into the workings and ambitions of SMEs, family-owned and privately-backed businesses often results in us advising, in particular Private Equity Houses, those that could be potentially good acquisitions that would add real value.

For more information around Deal Origination, please contact Sam Leighton-Smith.


Headhunting / Search

When confidentiality is vital, we use our powerful UK-wide network – in addition to our quality, updated and GDPR compliant database – to identify and approach potential candidates discreetly.

Our dedicated Research team is responsible for creatively sourcing the top talent across the health, social care and specialist education industries across both the Private Sector, and Not For Profit Sector. There is a depth of talent that goes beyond the usual ‘Google page 1 search’ results, and thanks to our unique offering of having sister company Compass Associates supplying key market data, ensures we leave no stone unturned in the search for the best.

The key to a successful appointment is understanding the client’s needs in detail and the expectations, team dynamics and company culture. We invest time with our clients to ensure that we are clear on the current and future requirements prior to sourcing.

We will interview all candidates and compile detailed notes in tandem with psychometric testing to produce a first class shortlist of talented candidates.